With on-line and mobile technologies, the personal side of customer engagement is under pressure. Each interaction, whether in person or on the telephone is an opportunity to portray the personalized service to differentiate your financial services organization  from the others.  mobile_banking

Telephone on hold marketing has been used successfully for decades to enhance brand image and inform callers of other financial services they may not know you offer.  Our Internet load system will ensure you have the same marketing message across your entire enterprise and updating your messages requires zero intervention from you or your staff.

When visiting in person, our in-branch messaging (store-casting)  unit blends background music with messages, giving you a marketing platform that works all day, every day, informing and entertaining. Our digital signage can inform those in line, lessening perceived wait times. It can be blended with news and information to entertain.

bank sign04Since digital signage can be controlled centrally, updates can be done across the branches in a matter of seconds. No more waiting for static signs to arrive on site and then worrying about installation. Information is updated and deployed in real-time. Print costs are reduced as well as the waste stream from static signage that is no longer valid.