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tired manOn Hold Solutions top

There is nothing worse than making a poor first impression, except making that same poor impression over and over again. Take stock of your company’s telephone handling procedures. Call your office. If you use an automated attendant, is it professionally voiced? When you transfer to an extension, what do you hear on hold? Silence? Beeps? A radio? Playing music is a solution, but you’ll pay more in annual fees to performing rights organizations then you would have for a custom on hold program from Tele-Client that actually helps your business.  Why do you have to pay for music? In a nutshell, the law says so. Here’s a BBB report titled “Music in the Marketplace” for a brief overview.


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Custom on-hold marketing from Tele-Client solves the good first impression problem and keeps you on the right side of copyright laws.  Benefits are:

  • A better caller experience
  • Properly licensed content
  • Helps lift sales
  • Reinforces your brand
  • Prepares callers for contact
  • Answers FAQ’s
  • Callers know they are connected

holdbutt01Of course, there’s no substitute for a live human to interact with your client. Reality though will require that some calls be placed on hold.  The hold button, when used with a custom on hold program,  has proven to be a powerful retention and sales tool.  So much so that we offer our clients a no-risk 30 day money back guarantee.


 Other Solutions

Telecommunication EquipmentCall Processing Solutions top

  • Information lines (plays a message, then disconnects i.e.: movie times, results lines, etc..)
  • Automated greeter (plays a message then lets callers ring through for live pick-up i.e.: sales message, FAQ’s, etc…)
  • Night answer (plays MOH during the day, monitors and plays message to after hours callers)



girlshopStore-Casting/Overhead/Alert Solutions top

  • Promote unadvertised specials to shoppers
  • Background music pass through
  • Message playback by timed interval or triggered
  • Sell “ads” for additional revenue
  • Internet, dual zone and local load/record options
  • Overhead messages and alert systems for airports, rail, campus, MDU, etc…


phone galCall Recording/Logging Solutions top

  • Single channel to 256 channels per system
  • Analog and digital lines
  • Standalone or LAN solutions
  • Financial, public service, legal, call center applications